LSPV Consulting, Munich

Technical Due Diligence TDD

Call on qualified professional services as

  • Owner’s Engineer (OE)
  • Lender’s Engineer (LE)

          as well as

  • Technical Advisor (TA) e.g. for insurance companies and banks, too

Evaluation, respectively check of the plant design and planning regarding quality and effectiveness

Check on site for professionally assessing the kind installation and its quality, also the professional realisation and the conformity of it to the valid sales contract and relevant international standards

Check of the quality and completeness of the as-built technical documentation; which is among others of high importance in regard of servicing and maintenance over a long-term operation period


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Member of

IEA International Energy Agency
Programme on Photovoltaic Power Systems
Task 8 and Task 13

Internationale Energieagentur IEA

German VDE