LSPV Consulting, Munich

Spectrum of Consulting Range

The customer can benefit from the outstanding professional competence and long-term experience from LSPV Consulting in Megawatt PV projects. It is ranging from a structured and professional plant design, quality control planning, contract know-how as well as project procurement and plant operation.

Comprehensive Consulting Range

A - Concept Proposal / Pre-planning

Consulting regarding basic aspects to be considered and consequences for the consecutively detail plant design / plant architecture

Qualified support during the project development phase and first assessment of the rated power to be installed as well as the yield

B - Technical Design of LSPV Projects

Comprehensive support regarding a critical selection of all components required – electrical components as well as mechanical ones

Provision of technical specifications as basis for obtaining offers, critical assessment of incoming quotations, support in selection of subcontractors and consulting in contract design

Proposition of a professional project quality planning

Energetic optimization of the plant, professional calculation of the DC voltage drop, detailed reflexion and discussion of the Performance Ratio (PR value)

Safety and security issues, valid PV standards

Structuring and calculation of the project cost and cost tracking

C - Project Execution Planning

Professional assistance in the development of the project execution:

  • professional planning of operational procedures and capacities
  • structured generation of project schedules up to the commissioning phase
  • check of contracts of subcontractors, e.g. module supply

D - Technical Documentation

Definition and conceptual design of scale of technical documents / documentation required. Consideration of different users

Generation of the technical as-built documentation

E - Operation and Maintenance Strategy

Development of a structured strategy for the operation phase and integrated maintenance actions, pro-active and regular measures:

  • Strategy / Guideline of a O&M strategy for the plant owner
  • Strategy / Guideline for a service and maintenance contract with an external service contractor

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