LSPV Training course at Institute of Electrical Engineering and Congress speaker, Beijing 2009
LSPV Seminar 2011, Rijadh, organized by RENAC

In house-Training

A - Seminar "Professional LSPV Plant Engineering & Design"

Via a several days lasting professional and structured In house Training Course the technical know-how of LSPV plant technique can be acquired – benefitting from an excellent expertise. The content will be adapted to the state of knowledge of the customer.

This kind of course offer is at present absolutely unique and of high value. It is presenting an outstanding state-of-the-art know-how transfer – independently from EPC contractors and suppliers and their special interests.

It is designed for e.g.

  • prospective EPC contractors, wanting to realise a quick, qualified, and effective entrance in LSPV technique
  • Utilities or distribution system owners / operators either wanting to realise their own LSPV plants or shortly must connect LSPV to their grid
  • Governmental institutions and Ministries wanting a qualified and independent introduction of VLSP and its special requirements
  • Institutes for enhancing their skills and expertise in LSPV

LSPV Consulting already has held very successfully courses in Europe, Near East, India and Far East.

B - Seminar „Professional Operation of LSPV Plants“

In projects oftentimes the importance of plant operation is entirely underestimated in regard of its long-term influence of running costs.
In a one-day-seminar the future owner / operator is getting familiarized with a professional approach and organisation of LSPV plant operation with all peripheral aspects. An exhaustive awareness is helping right from the beginning getting running costs under control.

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